Trustee Randy Roberts, Before The Village Board Unanimously Approved The Outdoor Dining Request, Said He Was Impressed By The Willingness Of The Owners To Be Good Neighbors And Eliminate Music From Their Plan.

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Skokie restaurant granted outdoor dining permit, despite nearby condo residents' concerns

"The restaurant is fine from what I've heard from a number of people," he said. "No problem with that. It's just a question of noise, and I'm very concerned about this music they proposed to have." The restaurant owners, brothers Carlos and Uriel Lamas, agreed not to pipe in music to the patio area as they originally planned. Trustee Randy Roberts, before the village board unanimously approved the outdoor dining request, said he was "impressed" by the willingness of the owners to be good neighbors and eliminate music from their plan. Skokie Planning Technician Mike Voitik said the outdoor dining will include only four tables and seat nine people. The area has a 42-inch wrought iron fence and tall landscaping surrounding it, he said. "The idea was to build an outdoor patio and cafe just to make the area more appealing," said Carlos Lamas. "We've added pavers throughout the parking lot including the patio area as well. I think it's going to enhance the area and the neighborhood." TBK Grill opened in December, but was under construction for a long time before that.

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